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          WHO ARE WE?
          Responsible for the service personnel
          Shandong chang hua go abroad service co., LTD. Is the People's Republic of China ministry of education approval authorization and approval to the provincial, municipal administration for industry and commerce registration of legal at one's own expenses study abroad intermediary (outside word [2011] no. 2011). Companies with overseas [details]
          In China, cooking is an art. Quite different from Western cooking where recipes are strictly followed like library instructions, Chinese cooking always follows a creative and stylistic touch to it. While in western cooking the recipe is the key to success in any culinary attempt, in ...[details]
          Health Care
          China is one of the largest nurses exporting country. The number of nurses in China had risen from 1.3 million in 2004 to nearly 1.35 million by the end of 2005 and the nursing quality had also been improved as well. Every year there are about 800 Chines[details]
          With the rapid growth of world economy and the reinforce of technical exchage between each country, the demand of engineers continue to expand. The quantity of Chinese engineer increase by 16.3% each year. With 8 years rich experience and very good reput...[details]
          There are numerous hospitality schools in China. Students are required to put what they learned in class into practice by taking an internship in hotels, restaurants and resorts home and abroad. As a result, taking...[details]
          OUR SERVICE
          Responsible for the service personnel
          Chinese Recruiting provides overseas manpower services for clients all around the world. Here we can supply the foreign employers a large number of Chinese workers ...[details]
          Shandong Chang Hua overseas personnel vocational training school was established in 2012, under the Shandong Chang Hua Overseas Service Co., Ltd., mainly on overseas staff to carry out language training and skills training ...[details]
          CONTACT US
          • TEL:+86-0631-5801610
          • E-mail:lwb@sdchanghua.com
          • Shandong Chang Hua Overseas Service Co., Ltd.
          • Postal Code:264200
          • Address: No. 52, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China
          • IM Tencent QQ:859499674
          • Overseas labor service website:www.wh-jyxc.com
          • Study abroad website:www.5uliuxue.com
          Labor service hotline:+86 0631-5801610,QQ:859499674,Address: No. 52 Wenhuazhong Road, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China
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